What makes us unique

What Makes Us Unique at Foundations Orthodontics

Doctors in dentistry who are known for their knowledge of function, all agree that the relationship between the teeth and jaw joints is the primary key to long term health and stability of the chewing system. Most orthodontists focus primarily on tooth alignment and do not correct the functional relationship between the teeth and jaw joints- this is where our doctors differ. Dr. Moran follows the Roth/Williams philosophy which states that orthodontic treatment can, and should, be more than just straightening teeth. She incorporates comprehensive diagnostics, thorough and individualized treatment mechanics, and the latest orthodontic advancements for treating the entire dental and facial systems.

At Foundations Orthodontics, we have specific and defined goals: beautifully aligned teeth that fit harmoniously with properly positioned jaw joints—promoting healthy teeth and gums, efficient chewing, and ideal facial balance. By establishing and sharing these goals with your dental team (the orthodontist, dentist and/or specialist) together, we can provide outstanding results in beauty, health, and function.

Since excellent results require careful planning, we believe in taking thorough and accurate diagnostic records and establishing a comprehensive plan prior to the start of your treatment. This up-front knowledge and plan yields shorter treatment times, better results, and improved stability. Check out our article on What To Look For In An Orthodontist for more info.

Science-First Approach

We take a science-first approach at Foundations Orthodontics

Dr. Moran and Dr. Girardot have spent extensive time outside of traditional residency training to learn the function of the chewing system, how it works and how to treat it when there are issues.

To give you a quick overview: Ideally, the chewing muscles will position the ball of the TMJ joint all the way up into the socket. This is regarded as the healthiest and most stable joint position. Oftentimes however, improperly positioned teeth get in the way during jaw movements. These “interferences” to normal chewing and joint function can cause breakdown and instability of the system resulting in TMJ pain and dysfunction either immediately or years down the road.

It is one of our goals to find these tooth “interferences” during our diagnosis process and to fix them during treatment because a beautiful smile is extremely important, but we want to make sure it is built on the strongest foundation possible to make it last  a lifetime!