Jamie H.


“I have had a wonderful experience here. The staff are all extremely helpful and nice. From the time I started coming here, I have seen wonderful changes in my bite, my smile, and a huge decrease in my headaches. The treatment has worked wonderfully and I am extremely satisfied with my new bite and smile. The doctors here are very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. All in all, the treatment here has been incredible.”


Jamie came to us with daily headaches and jaw muscle pain. These symptoms are typical for patients suffering from TMJ disorders. She had popping and clicking in her joints and she could not get her front teeth to touch.

She started treatment with a splint to help alleviate her joint and muscle pain and to give the joints some time to heal. After about 3 months of full-time splint therapy she was symptom free.

The next stage of her treatment was to put on braces to correct the source of her problem-a bad bite. She wore braces for 10 months and now has healthy, stable bite that will last her a lifetime, her front teeth can touch, and she has a beautiful smile she can be proud of!

*Fun fact- Jamie is actually missing her upper canine teeth. We substituted her other teeth and reshaped them to look and function like canines.